Nourish Conditioner-16oz.


A healthy alternative to other conditioners. Conditions and Moisturizes without leaving a coating or build up on the hair. Gives the hair extra body without feeling heavy. It helps to prevent split ends, and hair loss. Helps to promote hair growth, calm hair frizz and static electricity. Adds body and shine. Excellent for all hair types.

  • NO Sodium Laureth Sulfat
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Mineral Oil, Paraffin or Petrolatum
  • NO Propylene Glycol

Directions for use: After shampooing, place a small amount in the palm of your hand. Distribute evenly gently massaging your scalp as applying. Let sit 1 – 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Shipping available within the 48 continental United States. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses.

Price: $20.95


Organic Conditioner


Purified Water
Aloe Vera Juice
Vegetable Glycerin
Jojoba Oil
Coconut Oil Fatty Acids proprietary conditioning base℗
Hops Extract
Wheat Bran Extract
Chamomile Extract
Hydrolized Silk Protein
Essential Oils
Grapeseed Extract

Nourish Your Hair Organic Conditioner Ingredients

Purified Water: refers to all types of water from which chemicals have been removed via a variety of different processes.

Aloe Vera Juice: comes from the aloe vera plant and contains 32 vitamins and minerals, 75 nutrients and hundreds of active enzymes. It has properties that sooth and moisturize an itchy scalp and has anti-fungal properties that help to rid the scalp of dandruff. Aloe vera juice balances the pH level of the hair, which promotes healthy new growth and is a good conditioning agent. It adds shine to the hair and helps to control frizz.

Vegetable Glycerin: This is a natural byproduct of vegetable oil processing. It is a natural source of moisture and is also useful for helping the skin and hair retain its moisture.

Jojoba Oil: this is natural botanical liquid wax obtained from the beans of the jojoba plant, a small shrub that grows in the hot, dry climates of California and Arizona. Native Americans have quietly used jojoba oil for hundreds of years. It protects all the other oils used with it. Protects from rancidity. A natural emollient, jojoba oil’s similarity to sebum allows it to absorb easily and readily into your skin, making it a gentle skin-softening moisturizer for all skin types and can lead to an improvement in both dandruff and acne. It gives strength to hair and makes them breakage resistant by providing them required moisturizer and making them free of split-ends and tangles. New cell growth is promoted that makes the hair stronger and gets rid of dryness and frizz.

Coconut Oil Fatty Acids: Proprietary Conditioning Base.℗

Hops Extract: this medicinal plant is rich in vitamins and various amino acids. In particular, hop extract can help to re-grow hair and slow down hair loss, as well as get rid of such problems as dandruff, hair weakening and brittle hair.

Wheat Bran Extract: provides protein to the hair. Increases shine and nourishs the scalp.

Chamomile Extract: the yellow color of chamomile infusion imparts brightness and shine and lightened the color of hair. Rinsing with chamomile may also help reduce or prevent hair loss.

Hydrolized Silk Protein: silk protein is a specialty ingredient in hair and skin preparations. It is known for outstanding moisture-retention properties and silky feel.

DL-Panthenol: this white, powdered, water soluble conditioning agent is also known as Pro-Vitamin B5 and is super moisturizing to skin and hair care products, it also adds extra sheen and shine.

Essential Oils: natural essential oils are used in Nourish products to provide a pleasant experience while using the products and to minimize any allergenic reactions towards scents or perfumes.

Grapeseed Extract: a natural preservative; prolongs shelf life. Grape seed extract contains extremely high levels of free radical fighting antioxidants.


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