Lee ~ Peoria, AZ
I have been using Nourish Skin products now for several months as I came to you with very dry skin on my arms. I have tried several products but the two combinations of oil and cream products you suggested I use has been fantastic. My arms have literally cleared up and they stopped itching as well. Great job!. I’ll certainly recommend you and your great products!
Sherrie ~ Peoria, AZ
My skin is very dry and itchy. Have tried numerous products and nothing helped until I started using Nourish Body Lotion and Body Oil.

Within two days the itching stopped. I had no sensitivity to the products. Other products I have tried in the past caused hives and more itching. My skin has always been sensitive to products that have chemicals in them. The Organic and Botanical Ingredients in Nourish Skin Care products are great for my skin. I am sure they will work for you too.

Kerrie ~ Dallas, TX
Hello, as a makeup artist and Lic Esthetician, I was really looking forward to trying your products. I am loving them so far and will be a customer. The ultra-moisturizing toner does exactly what it says it will, moisturizes your skin and gives you a pick me up. I also used it after swimming on my dry legs and it made them feel wonderful! I highly recommend these products!!
Daris ~ Fort Worth, Texas
I am an African American customer of the Nourish Skin Care Products. In the past I have been lead to believe that products are made for different skin types. I was very pleasantly surprised when I used the Nourish Skin Care Products to see how well they worked on my skin. I am particularly pleased on how smooth they make the skin feel and how light they are not leaving an oily residue. When my skin gets overly dry it gives an ashy appearance and with using the Nourish products I no longer have to worry about that as I always have a soft, hydrated and healthy look to my skin.
Janet ~ Iowa
I was hesitant to use the Nourish oil on my face in the morning. Now I love, love, love it! Using the Nourish eye cream followed by the oil, morning and night, has replaced all of my other more expensive products and has streamlined my morning routine. My face feels much more healthy and smooth without all those products layered on under my makeup. I won’t go back.
Toni ~ Phoenix, AZ
I love the results that I have gotten from the Nourish product on the decollete area. I have sun damaged skin in this area and the leathery look disappears when I apply the Nourish product.
Cleora ~ Peoria, AZ
I have been using the Nourish Your Skin Products for several weeks now and my skin is no longer itchy and dry. I no longer have cracked dry heels. I love your product.
Fran ~ Peoria, AZ
I am 91 years old and recently moved to AZ. I found the climate here very drying to my skin and I itched all of the time, I could hardly sleep at night for scratching my legs. I also had dry patches around my nose which looked terrible. I started using the Nourish product the patches disappeared and I no longer itch. My skin doesn’t feel like parchment paper anymore. Thank you Nourish.

NOURISH ORGANIC SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER ~ I finally found a Shampoo and Conditioner that does not fade my color treated hair–Nourish Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. I have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner for two months and my hair is healthy and has more volume. My hair is actually growing faster than ever before. I have received many compliments. My hairdresser said my hair is in wonderful condition. I will not use anything else! Highly recommend. Very pleasant fragrance.

Mary Ann Z. ~ Peoria, AZ
I’m 54 years old and recently started getting facials regularly; my Esthetician once said my skin is in better shape than hers is (she’s late 20’s, early 30’s at most)! I guess after several visits she decided I must have done something to help my skin look so good; she finally asked if I had any “work” done or had Botox injections! I happily and proudly told her no, I’ve just been using “Nourish Your Skin” products for the last 3 years. Such great products; I’m proud to be a consultant for this company.
His mom, Rita ~ Sun City, AZ
How the oil helped my son – I want to tell you that I believe in miracles and giving my son the nourish oil was a miracle. He was born with a birth defect that required his first surgery at 6 months. The doctor knew nothing about this problem, but found it necessary to operate on his arm. It took several surgeries and left his arm from his fingers to his elbow with skin that looked so bad, and he and I both from the time he was little, bought every kind of lotion that there was and never found anything that would keep that skin soft and from getting infections one after another. But we visited with him in Dec. and I left the bottle of oil and after the first night he told me he could not believe how good that arm felt. He said it is the first time he can remember seeing his arm nice and soft. Finally after almost 57 years he has found something to help him with this serious problem Thank you, Thank you for this wonderful product. I just bought 2 more bottles of it and will be sending it to him.
Chris ~ Peoria, AZ
I was born and raised in AZ and was a sun worshiper. My skin was like a lizard I tried every skin lotion imaginable from $10.00 to $100.00 per bottle and nothing worked until I tried the Nourish product. Within just a few days my skin felt soft and supple.
Barbara ~ Sun City West, AZ
I use it daily to make my skin feel alive. Love it!
Antoinette ~ Peoria, AZ
Moving to Arizona caused my skin to become super sensitive, dry and I started having regular acne breakout’s on my face. I have tried a variety of products that have caused immediate rash, irritation and redness. I am happy to say that I now use and LOVE the Nourish Lotion, Eye Creme and Facial Scrub. My skin looks great and I haven’t had an acne breakout since.