This is a subject I have written about quite some time ago and I feel the importance is so great that I am writing with some additional ingredients that I feel need to be mentioned.

Many of the beauty supplies on store shelves today contain toxic ingredients.  Listed below are some of the worst toxic ingredients in the bottles you are purchasing today.

Toxic And Dangerous IngredientsThere needs to be chemical reform however until that time comes it is up to us as consumers to make healthier choices.  Unfortunately, the products are not clearly labeled, companies can omit or hide their ingredients by saying they are part of a proprietary recipe.  I will try to enlighten you on some of the worst ingredients on the shelves today.

  1. Parabens – Parabens are widely used as preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in cosmetic products.  Parabens also possess estrogen mimicking properties that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer.  These chemicals absorb through the skin and have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors.
  2. Alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40) – Very drying and irritating solvent and dehydrator that will strip your skin’s moisture and immune barrier, making your skin more venerable to bacteria.  It may promote brown spots and premature aging of the skin.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – Are detergents that pose serious health threats.  Used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers – and believe it or not 90% of personal care products that foam.
  4. Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic ingredients can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic.  You could be putting on a concoction that contains tons of chemicals that are hazardous to your health.  Fragrances can be found in many products such as perfume, cologne, conditioner, shampoo, body wash and moisturizers.  A safe alternative to fragrance would be organic essential oils
  5. Mineral Oil – Is a petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores.  It interferes with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders.  Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging.
  6. Triclosan – Is a popular ingredient in just about any product claiming antibacterial properties.  It works well at killing bacteria, which presents the problem; not all bacteria is bad for you.  Some experts believe the widespread use of this chemical could give rise to superbugs resistant to antibiotics.

The above ingredients are only a few that are harmful to your health and the environment.  Our skin is great at absorbing, which means products that we put on our skin also end up inside our bodies.  When we wash those products off, they go down the drain and enter the water supply, polluting waterways and harming wildlife.

The good news is you can educate yourself and avoid these dangerous toxins.  When shopping read your labels, there are many fine alternatives to those products on the market that use toxic ingredients.  Many are much less expensive especially when you consider the downside years later when you are suffering from the effects causing you bad health.

I always recommend going organic, safe natural ingredients are becoming more popular in the marketplace as people are getting more educated to the lasting effects of harmful chemicals.

Take the extra time to check the labels and good luck.

Linda Irwin-Hurley is the Founder of “Nourish Your Skin” an organic and botanical skin care company.  All products are chemical free.  For any additional questions please contact Linda at