1. Load up on oil. The most common culprit of breaking or peeling nails is dryness. The key to keeping nails strong is to keep them hydrated. We recommend Nourish Body Oil for hydration of the nail as well as keeping those cuticles soft and supple.

2. Stay away from metal files or files that are coarse. These files will fray the nail’s edges and cause nails to snag and break. We recommend the Nourish Glass Crystal Nail File, this file will seal the edges therefore making them stronger and less likely to snag or break.

3. Always use a polish remover, never peel off your old polish, doing so will also remove some of your existing nail with it and cause the nail to weaken and create an uneven nail surface.

4. If your nails are soft or tend to peel or split use a strengthening base coat with protein or calcium ingredients.

5. Your nails are not tools, using them as such will cause the nail stress at the nail bed and will weaken the nail and lead to broken nails.

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