Attention everyone, yes if you’re only 20 we’re also speaking to you!

Some of you are thinking, “I have no wrinkles I don’t need eye creme yet”. WRONG!!! The skin of the eye area is very different from most of the skin of the rest of the face. “It’s thinner, more sensitive, and has fewer oil and water glands, so it needs more moisturization. Even though you use moisturizer now, it may not be rich enough.

Using eye creme helps to prevent wrinkles. Since we’re constantly smiling and squinting you may already be seeing the side effects, which may make you appear older than you are (please don’t forget to wear those sunglasses).

Nourish Eye Creme-w245Nourish Eye Creme can help diffuse some of the fine lines, help decrease that crepey-looking skin around the eye area and lessen the appearance of the puff and dark circles that you get under your eyes. Remember our products are organic, botanical and chemical free. Check out the ingredients that formulate our fabulous eye creme.

Remember, for that maximum flirt power don’t forget the eye creme!!