The Holiday Season comes with plenty of celebration, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and dry winter weather.  This combination is very detrimental to your skin, but with a few adjustments to your regular skin care routine you can help save your complexion.
First we must be aware of the fact that everything comes from the inside, therefore an unhealthy body usually shows a dull skin with numerous problems.

* A balanced diet and drinking a lot of water can have amazing effects upon our skin.  Calorie-free water hydrates the body without the risk of gaining weight.  You can also drink herbal tea, without adding sugar.
*  The Holiday season generally means stress which can greatly effect the way our skin looks.  You need to maintain a happy spirit and don’t stress over every small detail.  Walking, biking, physical fitness or doing anything out in the fresh air can not only benefit your skin but your mental state also.
*  Don’t forget your body as well, you will need maximum moisturizing using products such as Nourish Body Oil,  Nourish Body Lotion, Nourish Eye Creme, Nourish Body Wash and Nourish Lip Balm.  In the winter months we suggest you apply Nourish Body Oil over your entire body followed up with Nourish Body Lotion as a protective sealant to keep the moisture locked within your skin and not allowing it to dry out.

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