Always use a gentle cleanser. We recommend NOURISH MILK FACIAL CLEANSER which washes away the dirt impurities and make up from the face and eye area leaving the skin supple and hydrated unlike other cleansers that leave your face feeling tight and drawn.

Tap on eye products with your ring finger, tugging at the skin can cause sagging. When applying your eye cream or make up start from the inner corners of your eyes and pat along the ocular bone to the outer corners. This rule applies to both upper and lower eye areas.

How to Have Younger Looking EyesOur recommendation would be to use the NOURISH ESSENTIAL EYE CREME which softens the skin helping to keep it smooth. Other benefits from this “super star” is that it helps to increase collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and helps the skin retain moisture. If that isn’t enough it also helps reduce puffiness under the eyes, lighten dark circles and replenish elastin around eyes which tightens sagging skin. WOW!!

Wear sunglasses that have UV protection. This will help keeping harmful rays away from your eyes and surrounding skin.

Fight Father Time with these three simple steps. Take a before picture and another picture in 90 days and see the difference that determination and great products will do for you. Don’t be surprised when you receive comments from your friends on how beautiful your eyes are and ask you what you have done for this amazing end result.